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Once you have registered as a Wholesale or Trade Member and have created your new account, you’ll be ready to create your first rental order with a few clicks online!

How Do I Start?
Delivery  / Orders
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Who Do I Contact For Help?
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Billing / Accounting
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Product Purchases
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Request a date

After your order is placed online, send an email to orders@sdninc.net with your requested earliest delivery date.  We are sometimes 5-7 days out during peak season and one of the reasons why we offer a 7-day grace period for you to build your order.

  • We will respond within 24 hours (business week) with your delivery date.

  • Deliveries are typically in the morning and destages in the afternoon.

  • We will later re-confirm 24 hours prior to delivery with your one-hour delivery window.

  • On the day of delivery, our team will text 30 minutes out.


Delivery is $120+tax for the stage and $120+ tax for the destage. This covers up to 30 minutes of drive time and 30 minutes onsite. Additional time is prorated at $90/hour. You will sign off on this extra time with the delivery team.


Will Call: Will Call is open 10-2:00 and requires 24 hour advance notice. We are not always able to expedite requests due to space and staffing limitations, but if we are able to pull in less than 24 hours, a $100 rush fee may be charged.

Destages require as much advance notice as possible. Your rental continues until the items are scanned back in and available for the owner or other members to utilize.

 Email orders@sdninc.net to be put in the destage request queue. If possible, try to provide us with 7-10 days of lead time.




What Happens if I Don’t Keep My Delivery Appointment?

It depends when you let us know you can’t make it. Our rental pool is unique in that SDN does not own all the staging inventory.  We pay the furniture owners for your movement of the inventory and we must compensate our staff for wrapping, loading, unloading and re-binning. 


If you cancel by 7:00AM one full business day prior to delivery, there is no fee.  After that point (and for no-shows on site or at will call), we charge a restocking fee. If you scheduled a delivery, you will be charged for the service – as we will likely be unable to fill that appointment time with less than 24-hour notice.

How am I billed for the Rental Order?

When you submit your online order, you will provide your credit card at checkout (no third-party cards, please). You may see a $1.00 credit verification charge on your card but we don’t charge the entire order until it’s delivered, or after 7 days of holding the order online, whichever one happens first.


 A Monthly Rental Fee is charged every 30 days, via auto-renew. There is a 30-day minimum, even if you return sooner.  On the 31st day, your card will be charged for another 30-day cycle. If returned before the second cycle of 30 days ends, you will be refunded for any unused days upon the return of your entire order. 


Sales Tax: If you have a Reseller Permit, we will waive your sales tax on rentals and product purchases. We need a current permit on file to do this. Send to accounting@sdninc.net.


Proof of Insurance: To be exempt from the 4% Damage Waiver Fee, send your proof of insurance to accounting@sdninc.net and list SDN as a Certificate Holder. Full details on DWF are on the bottom of pg. 3 of this document.

 How to Create a Online Rental Order?
  • Click the rental tab after logging in. You’ll see products, prices, & measurements that are important to note when considering your property’s hallways, doorways, and stairways!

  • You can review your cart to confirm or cancel pieces.

  • Your cart has a 60-minute timeout limit before it releases your order back to the pool. Be sure to check all the way out of your cart and pay to secure your order and receive an order#. You can add to it later, but you won’t want to lose all your work now!

  • If you’re just browsing, add to your Wish List. They may not be available next time you log in, but it may help for budgeting purposes on future projects.

 What if I Want to ADD or CANCEL Items?
  • To Add an Item to an Existing Order:
    Create a new order and at check out, after entering your payment information click “add to existing order”. You can add to existing order until 7:00 AM one BUSINESS day prior to scheduled delivery. Any revisions made after this cut-off window will result in a $100 rush fee, or the added items can be made available for will call pick-up at no charge.

  • For Cancelling an Item:
    If prior to 7:00 AM one Business Day, there is no fee to take an item off your order. Just click on your order in your account profile, select the item and click return.  For canceling after this deadline including while you’re on-site, there will be a fee of 50% of the rental price to pull off truck or floor and restock. If you return items within the first 30 days: no refund but it will be removed before from your 2nd’month’s rental fee total.

 What if I Want to PURCHASE items?
  • Not all items are available for sale but we can ask the furniture owner or find a like item with one of our furniture lines.

  • If it is a new, not member-owned product, we can apply your member-level discount to the retail price. There are no discounts on member-owned inventory.

  • Because we pay the owner rental commission for the first month, you’ll need to purchase prior to renting OR prior to the 2nd-month cycle to avoid paying first or the second month rental fees in addition to purchasing price.

Creating an Order Online

  • It can happen to anyone with as many pieces that get moved every year! Please let us know as soon as possible so we can stop rent. Depending on the item, we may be able to have you pay for just the broken or missing piece of the set, unless the resale or rental value is compromised too much. This is at the discretion of the furniture owner, not the renter.

  • Our system pays the owner rental commission each month, so it’s good to get this resolved fast.

 What happens if I break or lose part of a set?


We’re very pleased to have you join the network and start your first order! You’re nearly home free from storing, pulling, packing, and moving your stuff from job to job!  We’re excited to do the heavy lifting and partner with you. When you have a moment, we’d like to share more details about our new closing gift program. It’s a great way (with very little effort on your part) to provide added value and service to your homeowners and cover some of your own expenses at the same time!

For additional help, comments or questions please message us below.