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Earn with Your Furniture

Would you like to get the maximum value from your furnishings? Add them to the Shared Rental Pool and earn money without having to lift a finger. By pooling your furniture with other professionals, you create a selection of furnishings suitable for any style home at any price point. Your clients will be better served while you generate more income for your business.. We take great care in maintaining your items. All the heavy lifting is on us, while you benefit!

  • Rent or Sell YOUR Staging Inventory to Other Members

  • No catalog or warehousing fees when you make items available to others

  • Earn 30% commission when others rent your items

  • Earn 60% commission when others purchase your items

  • Personal account page for viewing location and income made from each item

  • Private storage option available. Details coming soon!

Furniture Management

Organize all aspects of your inventory with our proprietary inventory management system. Login and manage from your browser. You’ll be able to view the status of your items in real-time and see the daily income from each piece.

Fern Chair

Delivery & Placement


Let our world-class service team make your stage and de-stage as seamless and painless as possible. All with real-time delivery tracking right from your phone!

We will carefully load your order and meet you at the address with last-mile tracking and communication right to your phone. Our team will assist in putting all the pieces in place to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Once the house sells, we will meet you at the address to bring all the items back to our fulfillment center.